Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, May 30, 2011

One Millionth Comeback

Of late, my posts have suffered the same fate that of the monthly blues of a chick who forgot the rubber. To be precise, of a chick of a guy who forgot the rubber. It is pathetic, I know, but there is nobody but myself to be blamed though this time I have a really valid excuse. Back then it was pretty much due to my laziness which I was quite glad to replace with an imaginary writer’s block but this time around I got really busy. Since the start of May I was sent, by my company, to work for a different project at another company and here quite literally I have no time to check my mails even. This new place is quite awesome though; the work environment is good so despite the work itself being kind of difficult and challenging, I think I'm enjoying it. Oh and also the food is cheap and tasty – I mean it's really good so much so that I'm having hard time keeping myself from eating too much. So that's the good side of my new workplace, and the bad side is the commute. It's a bitch really. Before, to and from my workplace, door-to-door, it took 40 minutes maximum. Now it takes three hours at least. So you, my dear reader, who's one of hundreds of thousands of people who are fortunate enough to be called that, I hope you will excuse me for my lack of blogging these days.

Note to self: wake up, fool.

Anyway, as I was saying, it takes a lot of time to and from work so being true to my nature I've been using that time to read a lot; even more than I've used to. That's the good side of the bad side of my change of workplace. I've bought a new iPad 2 and with it the opportunity to read a lot of classics for free which I would have had to pay for before. By the way, see how sneaky I was there, the way I just let slip the fact that I bought an iPad? I'm clever like that. Jokes aside, though, for a long time I was not a very big fan of electronic reading devices such as the Kindle or the iPad or other such devices. And to be honest I still prefer reading real books over these gadgets – call me old fashioned if you will, but I love the feel of a book in my hands. But iPad has its pluses; there are a lot of free eBooks, Amazon Kindle version is a bit cheap than the real books and it saves a lot of space. Imagine how big a cupboard you need to store three hundred books not to mention the money you would have to spend on them. So finally, albeit reluctantly, I gave in. Sorry, old fashioners. I know I betrayed you lot.

And talking about old fashioners, I got a bit older too. No surprise there – indeed the surprise would be if it was the other way round – but this time it was special as the 21st of May marked my 30th trip around the sun. Lucky I'm not in the good old paradise anymore as this is the age where you're officially labeled as 'uncle' which is, umm, ridiculous as you all know that thirties are the new twenties which mean I'm entering the awesomest period of my life. Boohoo you little kids, try to grow old and be cool like us. However, I very firmly decided NOT do to a bucket-list which is becoming kind of a trend among our bloggers in the Lankanosphere. For one I really don't have any big plans or goals so as to what I should accomplish. I really don't, except perhaps for my need to travel. I always fancied travelling so it's nothing new; I just want to see the world before I die. And that's just about it. Other than that I don't have a clue even to where I would be a year from now.