Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, January 29, 2010

Social Service Announcement

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Thanks D!
And a happy weekend to all.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vote I did. Not!

For the first time since I was eligible to vote, I did not. But it's OK. I still voted. Solomon, who claims even MR is UNPish - only he doesn't know it - organized a vote for us here in Japan. It didn't matter that he had never voted before in his long and eventful life, because the bus fair to the polling center was too high. Without further ado I'll reproduce the mail we got.

Dear All,
As all of you are aware, the 6th Presidential Election of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka will be held tomorrow the 26th of February 2010. Due to the fact that we are residing abroad, we will not be able to carry out our civic duty and constitutional right of participating in choosing a leader for the next 6 years. Therefore, a representative election has been organized in the XXX building for you all to cast your vote. This is an invitation to all duty conscious Sri Lankans to cast your all important vote at the venue below within the time frame also given below. All logistics has been taken care of. Please bring your passport or alien card without fail to prevent election violations.

Election Centre : XXX
Time : 12.00 ~ 12.45

The count of the ballot, and presentation of results will be carried out from 12.45~13.00.

(Election Commissioner)

We duly obliged, being the educated and responsible lot we are and all. Out of 14, one was invalid but with an overwhelming majority SF won. 9 to 4 that is. Maybe because MR did not get to display his king pose everywhere around here. Accusations were also made as to rural votes were not cast and that being MR's stronghold the election wasn't fair. Rural votes in the sense the other two buildings of our company where some of us islanders work. But that didn't matter as SF was elected, and there were rumors that the work PCs of the four voters who cast their vote for MR would be destroyed.

It's all really tense here.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Two Idiots

Wasting your time campaigning for either MR or SF is stupid, but doing so on FB is even more so. One party slings mud at the other, and glorify their own leader, all on damn FB walls. Like they're going to change anybody's vote. It's more a case of two bunches of people who're already decided who they're going to vote for, and then justifying their decision. Out loud. The whole thing is best put this way.
One day, I saw one naked man laughing at another for being naked.
But wait. Those two are not the two kinds of idiots I was talking about; they are only one of the two. The others are the ones who go ballistic on the two set of people trying to shed some light on those poor souls. They don't seem to understand that neither can they change nor dictate what others do. If somebody wants to be stupid, let them. What do you care? In all honesty, they are all but a third naked man. Let me rephrase.
One day, I saw a naked man laughing at two others who were laughing at each other for being naked.
I thought the whole thing was funny.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

When Time Freezes...

It's close to midnight
Even a good read or Yanni can entertain you only so much
And the eyes haven't focused a range more than ten feet in two days
So they hurt
Boredom is killing me
Sleep is far away
And time doesn't pass
There's a Scotch within reach
Very inviting
So are the sweet cubes of ice
Should I, or should I not?


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Have you noticed that everyone you know, not to mention everyone they know, have never been involved in a car accident of which the fault was theirs?
Funny, isn't it?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vote For Something That Can Make a Real Difference!

OK some of you have doubts about voting in the upcoming presidential elections. I still think you should, but if you don't that's your choice. However, this should be something that you shouldn't have much doubt over; all you have to do is just cast a vote and if Educate Lanka wins it will help educating a child of this country. Now you can't say no for that right?

Please go here and vote. Almost all of you have FB profiles so this shouldn't be a problem. Also please do spread the word. It won't cost anything but you'll have contributed for something that's really worth.



Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love FB Groups. NOT!

Facebook is like a super hot chick whom you're madly in love with despite having a bucketload of stupid qualities about her. You see, I like FB. Might even say I love it. It's cool, it's fun, helps you keep occupied, great to be in touch with your friends and spy on your enemies if need be. But it's also a bit fucked up. OK a bit more than a bit. Still I continue to use it, just like the said hot chick that you don't wanna give up, even with every shit thing about her, because you're madly in love with her.

Like I said the other day, it's fucked up with many people thinking it's a good idea to do election campaign on FB. OK fine, it's their right plus there's always the hide button. So I'm cool with that. But then there are groups. Now, again, if people want to be in whatever the ridiculous group they want, I'm fine with that. But why do they feel that they are obliged to send me invitations to every stupid group they decide to join, or create for that matter? No people, if I want to join a group, I will decide for myself and join. I don't need suggestions, thank you very much.

And then the groups that are out there! I kid you not, there are groups for zombies and werewolves not to mention dragons. Oh and the number of Support MR and Support SF groups. You'd think this time it's going to be an online poll. Even funnily, I've seen the same person in both groups. However, at least those people haven't created those groups for themselves, but then again there are some, who create groups for themselves and wants me to join it too. Humble, alright. Let's Set A Guinness Record is another one, the record being the group itself with x number of people. Yeah, what a great record it would be. My ass. Then My boyfriend is the best ever! Lame. Try hooking up with me honey. Oh and there's Let's get one million people who're against cancer. Are there any idiots who adore cancer? And let's say you get that one million. Then what? Weirdos too have groups; I Want To Have Sex On A Grand Piano. Jeez. Ironical of them all is I hate new Facebook group. Why the fuck are you still there then?

Maybe I should create a group too; I Hate Facebook Groups!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Celebrating New Year 40,000ft Above Sea Level

It wasn't so much of a celebration though. I was expecting the in-flight crew to put up a countdown on TV screens, yell in unison when the new year dawned and a party to follow, perhaps even a DJ, but was thoroughly disappointed. Had to ask for a glass of wine even, so that I could celebrate on my own. No no I didn't go dancing in the plane with a glass of wine in hand, I just drank it and went back to sleep which was the said celebration. Drinking wine that is, not going to sleep. However, yeah, I was like 40K feet (it's not cool to say 40K feet though, is it?) above sea level, above Indian Ocean when the new year dawned which is something that doesn't happen always. But I was already too tired by then, as the flight had a delay of 3 hours before departing from Japan due to a technical problem, and sitting on a plane over 12 hours is no mean feat. Still I had no complaints, as fixing the plane before taking off was a good idea as opposed to, say, fixing it midway. I suppose.

Oh and before that, before leaving Japan, I went to see Avatar. On IMax 3D. It was awesome, simple as that. The story in itself is great, but with 3D, well you gotta see it to know what I mean. Just brilliant. By the way, in an earlier post I asked people to suggest me a good movie to watch and in return I'd write a post in their honor. Now Nee, a good friend, claims he suggested Avatar though I already had plans to go see it by the time he did. Does that count? His suggestion I mean. Then there is Milla. She too wants a post - she suggested Sherlock Holmes which I haven't watched yet - but I'm thinking who deserves it better. Maybe they both do. So here we go, this is the post.

Back on topic, though it was short - only ten days - the time back home was awesome. Met some of the school and university friends which was great, had a good time and food. Oh the food. Jeez for ten days I must have gained 10 kilos. OK not so much, but lets say I ate like hell. You just can't resist them Sri Lankan food can you? No wonder all we islanders go out of shape sooner or later.

Unfortunately, time flies when you don't want it to and here I am, back in Japan. More sadly, back at work. But then you knew it already, didn't you? Because here I am, blogging.

Happy Weekend folks!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Day of a Facebook Warrior

  • Wake up, switch on the PC before bed tea.
  • Login to FB.
  • Look up all the comments, links, videos and such that support the candidate you do.
  • Put a 'Like' to each and comment praising the content. If a traitor of the opposition had said something bad about your idol, give him/her a good earful.
  • Look up all the comments, links, videos and such that discredit the opposition candidate.
  • Put a 'Like' to each and comment praising the content. If a traitor of the opposition had said something good about the traitor, give him/her a good earful.
  • Look up all the comments, links, videos and such that support the opposition candidate.
  • Give a good earful to the fool who put it on their wall, and then go on to explain why your candidate is better than his/her.
  • Look up all the comments, links, videos and such that discredit the candidate you support.
  • Give a good earful to the fool who dared discredit the noble fellow you support and go on to explain why your candidate is better than his/her.
  • Go through all the news sites, videos and such that support the candidate you do and pick the best out of the lot. Post them to you profile and tag the FB friends who happen to be in your side.
  • Go through all the news sites, videos and such that discredit the opposition candidate and pick the best out of the lot. Post them to your profile and tag the FB friends who happen to be in your side.
  • Be satisfied with the days work.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silly Lankan Airlines

Is how they should have named Sri Lankan Airlines. Let me tell you about my journey back to Japan yesterday, and you will surely agree with me.

To begin with, my flight was scheduled to leave at 11.50 p.m. which was supposed to be a direct flight to Japan. Having lived in this Paradise Island close to three decades, one thing I'm accustomed to is that nothing really works the way it is supposed to, so I arrived at the airport three hours earlier, just in case. And of course the first fuck up of the day started as the flight was delayed by an hour or so. But that is customary, as I've mentioned a couple of lines ago, so I just took a seat in the area just before the check-in counters. I was with D and his family, so it wasn't boring.

Now, though the flight was supposed to be direct, the screens on the wall said it will go via Male (Not male in the sense opposite of fairer sex, but the island Male. I always wondered why they couldn't write it as Maley, or with that little dash above the e. Oh well, who cares) and the flight was delayed. WTF, was my first thought but then again it's something I cannot change so I stopped worrying about it and started concentrating on a particularly hot chick who was seated in a distant seat. Lucky I have a good eye sight. So then after some time, at about 12 midnight the screen changed saying the check in counters were open; thus we proceeded to the counters. Strangely, there were no people there and the her majesty who was at the counter barked (I mean no insult to the good old dogs here, by the way) at us saying we were too late and cannot be let in. WTF, was again my thought though I had no idea that it was only the second of many such thoughts to follow in the following hour or so. And she thoroughly denied that the screens displayed any information about flights getting delayed. Third WTF. However we finally came to an agreement and she agreed to check us in for the flight that was going to depart in twenty minutes according to her.

Now, I was allowed 30 kilos plus additional 7 as hand luggage. But since I did not want to carry the hand luggage I put it inside the other making it close to 37 in total. Now her majesty sees this and;
You'll have to take out 7 kilos

Umm... why? I'm not over, am I?

No, but you have to put the 30 and 7 separately. Take 7 kilos out and put it in your hand luggage!
Another WTF.
Oh sorry. I thought they both go in the same plane. My bad.
Seriously, it's like that old story where the guy traveling in a cart carried his back pack in his hands as opposed to putting it on the cart, intending not to give extra weight to the Buffalo. Her majesty was full of wisdom like that. As the plane was supposed to depart soon I didn't want to waste my time arguing so I put 7 kilos in a backpack and allowed her to fulfill her wish.

Then we proceeded to the emigration counter. Now his majesty at the counter wants to know why I travelled to Indian a decade back, which passport I held at that time, and why I went there. Another WTF. All the while, he punches keys at a frequency of one key a minute. When the plane is supposedly due to leave in a few minutes. WTF #... well I've lost count. I was like, OK, go on asshole; let's see what'll happen if I miss the flight. Then after some more minutes we finally arrived at the departure lounge.

And know what? The plane that was supposed to departure in a few minutes, which was so close to depart that we cannot be let in, was calmly sitting there while still being loaded. WTF, again. Finally it left this Land Like No Other after another hour or so.

Oh and almost forgot. We finally got to know, after the pilot announced, that it was a direct flight after all, as opposed to the information at the airport. That was a relief, but still it was worth another WTF - passengers getting to know where they are going only after boarding the plane. That is unheard of, I'm sure.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm in the Paradise Island, which means I'm not at work, which in turn means I should not blog. So, wait till I get back to work will you?