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Home Sweet Home

Monday, December 28, 2009

Where Have All the Movies Gone?

Is it just me or have the movies been more or less shit of late? Once upon a time, well even not so long ago I've been more or less a movie fanatic and not many of them escaped me. But, of late, there have been hardly a movie that I could say a good one let alone awesome. For the past month or so I abandoned watching at least ten movies halfway through, and now I'm so disappointed I haven't even tried watching one for a week. Two weeks, actually.

To be fair, it always took a special one to impress me. Many movies which many thought were awesome, were pretty OK at best in my eye but still there were a lot of stuff that I liked. I know awesome stuff don't come along everyday, but there always were quite good ones right? Good enough to keep me watching them till the end. But, say, for the last six months Inglorious Basterds, Up and The Taking of Pelham 123 were the only movies I saw that I could say were really good. Inglorious Basterds was awesome, must be said. I still didn't see 2012, but from what I hear there's nothing in it other than everything on earth getting destroyed. Even the latest Harry Potter movie was, at best, ordinary.

Even supposed to be humorous ones were so dry that you could only laugh at the unlaughableness of them. Is there such a word by the way? Back on topic, that latest American Pie movie (what's it's name?) was so boring that I got so pissed I just deleted it for good. Not just delete; shift + delete so I will never see it again. And, what else were there? Oh that animation; 9. What the fuck was that about? I fell asleep at least three times before I got to the end. Surrogates too made me fall asleep, though been damn tired plus the effect of two beers must have had a say in it as well. Not the movie, my falling asleep that is. Then there were a shitload of others I can't even remember except for the fact that they were, err... shit.

Seriously, where the hell are all the good movies gone? Can anyone suggest me a good one to watch. I'll write a blog post in honour of the person who suggest the best one that I have not watched yet. I promise.

I'm in Kottu Mag this week. Here. Cool.



  1. Actually, we are going to watch it tomorrow! But need to see if it's worth the hype if it wasn't 3D. Will see...

  2. How about Gran Torino? Million Dollar Baby? Anything Clint Eastwood? :D

  3. Did you watch Zombieland and Star Trek? :)

  4. @CT
    I was actually talking about new movies that were made recently. Yeah I love Eastwood, and sure thing I watched Million Dollar Baby. Seems Gran Torino is something I should watch.

    Sorry mate, but both are in my "Shit Movies" list.

  5. ok, did you watch (500) days of summer? it's different kinda sorta, in a fun way... :)

  6. Boring.

    I never really was a big action/horror and stuff fan anyway. I always preferred a good story over lot of animation or bang bang stuff. Not everyone's the same though, I know.

  7. OK that comment was for your previous one. Will see 500 days thing then. Thanks bro!

  8. I'm yet to watch Inglorious Basterds as I didn't find a good copy yet.

    You must try these :

    Planet 51
    The Blind side
    The law abiding citizen

    and i can't remember the others at the moment.. the last one was pretty good.

  9. Well yeah you sum up it up pretty nicely there. Being a huge movie fan, it's been a very disappointing year as far as Hollywood is concerned. At least 9 out of 10 movies from 2009 I've watched were either too stupid, too commercial, boring or pure crap!
    Maybe that's why I managed to watch quite a lot of movies from the 60's and 70's through out this year. If you want to know a few good titles just let me know.
    But I got to say that I haven't missed a single well-hyped movie from the 2009. You see I've got this thing, once I start watching a movie I must finish it if I like it or not! lol.. I would at least fast forward it to the end..

    Here're a few movies from 2009 I actually enjoyed watching:

    The Hangover
    Inglorious Basterds
    500 Days of Summer
    Funny People
    The Proposal (It was cheesy and maybe even a little stupid or predictable, but it wasn't not boring)
    Terminator Salvation (Perhaps only because I'm a fan of this saga)

  10. @LD
    You MUST watch it! Here's a good torrent, if you can download it.


  11. @YC
    Tell me about it man! Surely 09 was the shittiest year in a long time when it comes to movies. Yeah I too started watching old stuff plus watching the good ones I watched ones.

    I did watch Hangover, well it was OK but still not really my kinda thing. The Proposal was OK, certainly not boring and I watched it anyway for some other reason as well. LOL.
    Must watch Moon and 500 Days.
    Btw, Terminator Salvation sucked big time for me. Never was really a big action movie fan.

    Thanks for the list man.

  12. Thank you for the link!! thanks so much!!:)

  13. Sorry to be such a wet blanket, but don't you think it strange to download movies from torrents and then say they are crap? There'll probably be more and more crap movies if everybody gets them free, and there is not enough income for the producers.
    (I'm not saying that's the case now, the current spate of crappiness is surely unrelated to illegal downloads...)

  14. and on a totally unrelated note, congrats on your appearance in Kottu!

  15. @LD
    Always happy to help!

    To be absolutely honest, I'm guilty as charged there.
    But vot to do, really?

    Oh and thanks!