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Monday, December 14, 2009

Unit of Love

What's the unit of love? If you've never given a thought to this, this would be a good time to rake your brains, ask the pundits or search the net to find a satisfactory answer. One good (perhaps) method would be to consider how it is expressed, not by actions but by words. Then it is apparent that the unit of love varies drastically, not to mention hilariously, from person to person on their choices of words. Often this is confusing, though, as usually any line of expressing love doesn't usually state the unit leaving us to deduce what it might be.

For example, consider a standard and well used line like Sweetheart, I love you more than the whole wide world. Now, one could argue that the unit of love is cubic meters (let's stick to SI) as the statement refers to the world, which indicates a volume. However others might try to differ stating that though the sentence refers to the world, it does not necessarily refers the size as in volume. They might argue that the word wide gives an indication to the fact that it could in fact be length (breadth also being a length) and that the unit should be meters. Then again, others might also say that it could be the weight though no direct indications are given in this case.

However, certain expressions leave us with no clue at all as they state the amount of affection in relation to the amount of affection you have for another person/animal/thing etc. On a different note, it would be healthier for the one who express their love in this fashion to think twice on to whom or what they compare their love. One wrong word, and you could be doomed. Specially men. Hell hath no fury like a woman cheated, someone once said. Getting back on topic, an expression like I love you million times more than the love I have for everyone and everything in the whole wide world leaves us with no clue at all to finding the unit of love. But the lack of indication doesn't necessarily imply that there isn't in fact a unit, so we shall move on.

Sweetheart, my love for you is equal to the length of the universe times it's breadth in nanometers! Surely an educated idiot who lost it. Naturally, it tend to confuse things. At face value you could say the unit of love is nanometers squared, thought it might suggest otherwise if you take a closer look. It could very well be that what's intended there is the number representing the value of the area of universe in nanometers as it tends to be much larger compared to the same value represented in square meters. Thus this statement cleverly disguises the unit of value misleading us into think that it's nanometers. Perhaps not an idiot after all, but we shall not be fooled.

Moving on, an expression like My love for you is more than the weight of all the cow dung that's ever put on this earth, though gross and should not be associated with a wonderful feeling like love in the first place, gives us a clear indication helping our cause. Similarly, Length of all the Harry Potter books ever printed put in one line, surely by a big Harry Potter fan who professed his or her undying love to their grade five classmate, says that the unit is meters. By the way, I did not make up the above two - they were in fact real - I promise. There are some people like that.

This could go on. Love inspires all things human, and since there's no shortage of either - love and humans that is - there surely won't be a shortage of expressions to be analyzed either. Thus we shall stop there, and perhaps indulge in it and add another one or two to the ever growing How-much-I-love-you list of quotes.

Like, Sweetheart, I love you so much that I'd get a sex change done if you turn lesbian.



  1. Sach - The ultimate level of love, as everyone knows, is:

    I love you so much I can't shit properly.

  2. RD, what's that?
    You're confusing me!

  3. LOL, loved that last one! ;)

    and heyyyy! I was that Harry Potter geek back in grade 5! ;P (still am, but please don't tell anyone! lol)

  4. Hah ha ha, funny post. Food for thought too.
    RD - your-one liner is a gem!
    BTW Machan Sach, what the hell are you smoking these days..?

  5. Chavie, thanks! And I can take credit for that last one!
    Oh and don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

    SI, thanks bro!
    You want what I smoke? What's the deal? LOL...