Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, December 21, 2009

Inside a box, rolling down a slope

I'm on leave today, but I promise it has nothing to do with the aches all over my body that I have as a result of skiing trying to skiing. Yesterday was the first time I tried my hands, or arms and legs to be more accurate on that bastard of a sport skiing. After more than a three hours of torture, now I feel like I was put inside a box and rolled down a slope - a steep one at that.

Here's how it started. I was to leave my apartment at about 5 in the morning and meet my friends at 5.45, but me being me I woke up only a couple of minutes before 5.45, that too thanks to a wake-up call from a friend. Anyway, after a quick shower and stuff I just made it in time for the bus that leaves for the skiing place, and I thought how lucky I was to make it in time. But a few hours later I was cursing myself for dragging my ass in time - why oh why didn't I get late was a prominent thought in my head. Before skiing session, our friends who were more apt at the sport had advised that after a while you'll feel like that you will never be able to ski in your life, but I wasn't giving much attention to that. I should have though, because that's exactly how I felt after a hour or so.

When you fall down (note "when", not "if"), getting up by yourself is an art of it's own. Well it's a bitch actually. Then after several pathetic attempts just when you manage to get up, inevitably you fall down. At least I did. Again and again and again. The most embarrassing part is when probably eight year old kids ski past you like dolphins in the water while you're trying to get up so pathetically. Anyway, after a couple of hours of this, and cursing myself, I just managed to ski one round without falling, only for a Jap chick to collide with me in the next one and fall down again. But knowing that there are at least some Japs who suck at this just as you is a relief.

Finally, probably in the last half an hour or so, I think I got the hang of it - not much but it was definitely an improvement. I was still in the beginner's track, but hell, that's enough for one day I guess. Despite every joint and muscle aching like hell, I think I will go again.

Happy Monday all!



  1. Thank you ladies for you sympathies.

  2. hahaha :D

    I was reminded of all those cartoons where characters who don't know how to ski are put on advanced slopes and end up winning skiing competitions and stuff! lol ;D

  3. I think I might be a strong contender for "The Most Hilarious Skier"