Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook is more important than Shakira's body

And I promise this is not blogstituition, as there have been some talk going on about it lately. Will show you the solid facts right now and prove my point.

Up until very recently, until mid June to be precise, this is the post that got me most hits from Google search. Just go ahead and Google something like Shakira's Body and my post comes right up there. And you'll be amazed how many people want to know about her body anyway. I used to get - I still do - at least 5 or 6 hits a day, usually more from Google for that post. These girls, I tell you. They can't just stop comparing can they? Do we men ever - and I mean EVER - go type something like Brad Pitt's Body on Google. We are content with who we are, aren't we? Round is a shape, after all.

But in June I put up these two posts. This and this. And hell, those two posts get WAY more hits that Shakira. Well, the post about her. I don't know how many hits she gets, really. Anyway, just go here and have a look if you're not sure - this is one of the places where I go to, to get my daily dose of laughter as well. Sometimes you wouldn't believe what people have to search for! Just right now I can see there somebody wanted to know What's going to happen to you this year? quiz and ended up here. I can only tell that he/she is going to be pissed after reading my post. But that was totally OK compare to this: facebook status messages to fuck with your boyfriend. Jeez these girls! I feel for the poor guy.

A bit unrelated, but some guy (or girl) Googled can i look at my mom's computer remotely? and ended up here! I don't know whether to laugh or not.


For those who haven't seen it already, Dee has put up her Video Collage yesterday and it's really nice. Go and have a look fellas.



  1. lol, I like this post... amazing how search engines work, isn't it? :D

    I love the new clock btw! ;)

  2. You seem to be good at doing surveys.. lol

    Once my mom said they announced on TV for some program *wonder if it was for news* that in England the number 2 addiction was facebook. In Lanka I'm sure it's number 1. =D

    Dunno why people get so addicted to it when I seem to be getting disappointed with it. I only use it to KIT with my cousins and few pals overseas. *oh and I also love deleting all those who add me simply to increase their buddy count and doesn't ever bother talking to me thereafter!* lol

    PS: your facebook guide was really good, so maybe it had ranked top on Google for having quality content. =D

  3. Amazing post!!!! Google sure gives weird results! Didn't you check how high upone google they appeared?

    BTW, how come it is WOMEN who obess over Shakira's body? JEEZE!!! What about that species called MEN??? Suddenly turned celibate???

  4. @Chavie
    Thanks bro!
    And yeah, I LOVE that clock too... some creativity, isn't it!

    Well I spend a considerable amount of time on FB, mainly because when I go home usually I'm alone. You've got to do something right?

    Well, you know we men appreciate Shakira and all, but we don't go on Google looking for her body. LOL.
    It must be the girls who secretly wish for one like hers.

  5. haha how do you know that it's girls who search for shakira's body..I can guarantee you most of them are men..

  6. Oh no, not really... it's girls who want a body like that...

  7. haha. true women would like a body like that. but they dont spend time searching for pictures of her body and keep looking at her..that would b soo gay..any staight woman would instead look for work out routines and stuff like that, which will help them get into a better shape. men on the other hand, love starring at women and their body parts and drool over them.seriously, how did you come into this conclusion? do you seriously know more women than men who keep looking at women's bodies? lol

  8. Umm... I didn't say anything about staring at them. People arrive at my blog searching web, not for pictures so obviously they need info! OK we may like to see her pictures, but we don't need any info. It's the women who do.

    Second, I wasn't really being serious. Just having some light fun... So take it easy Anon!

  9. LOL! Haha! i remembered this post!!! OK I ADORE everything bout Shakira, her music and her ohhh sooo great body. Should be.all the attraction,the tension...ahhhh she makes a woman gooo CRAZYYY!!!

    BUUTTT, come ooon!! If I go so crazy over Shakira's body, obviously men do! Hehehe! :P

  10. Who doesn't? It's just, I don't google 'Shakira's Body', is what I meant....