Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What does it take to be happy?

Choose to see the cup half full as opposed to seeing it half empty. Trust me, it works.

Over and out.



  1. So true.. ^__^

    PS: have you started seeing your boss in a different light? lol

  2. words of wisdom, those! :)

    I have Harumi's problem too! hehe :D

  3. Sach - Not only do I wholeheartedly agree with you, but I really like your fish too.

  4. Here is a glass
    and here is another
    one just for you
    and one for the other

    Here is a glass
    filled up to the brim
    here is another
    with nothing within

    From one to another
    the content's exchanged
    half into that
    half stays back

    Now here is a glass
    and here is another
    which will you choose
    which will he stomach?

    One if half full
    One is half empty
    But did you ever stop to think
    just what was in it?

    One was full of poison
    the other, full of air
    you could've drunk the latter
    now you're both in despair

    No longer does it matter
    whose half was full
    for you are both doomed
    you are both fools

    The glass was just a glass
    empty or full
    would you have been better off
    empty or fooled?

  5. @Harumi
    No the lights in the office aren't changed yet

    A fella with wisdom, can utter nothing but such words

    I just found that widget in blogger widgets. You can have one too!



    We both pour from one to another as you say
    We both see them half filled as I say
    We both see what it's filled with as you say
    We both throw them away as I say

    Because, seeing the glass half filled
    Is what matters
    Not what it's filled with
    For neither of us is compelled to drink it...

  6. but both of us are thirsty
    and both of us are curious
    and both of us are ignorant
    and both of us are deceased :P