Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Delayed Weekend Post

Why do I keep putting pathetic headings all the time? Not to mention the useless posts. Lack of creativity. Lack of imagination. Inherent lousiness. All of that, perhaps. Meh.


OK the weekend was fun though. First, to compensate for the lack of sleep the past week - yes I couldn't get a minute's sleep for three consecutive nights - slept well past noon on Saturday and then before you know it, the day was gone. Why is it that you always feel the five weekdays like five months and then the weekend is gone before you know it. How cool would it have been if we had three-day-weekends and only four weekdays? Most probably then we would be asking for four-day-weekends and three weekdays. Anyway, on Sunday we went to a cricket match. To celebrate their national day (or is it the independence day?) the Embassy of Pakistan here had organized a cricket match and they invited us to play against them. The ambassador and the likes were present, and we were treated nicely both on and off the field. Off the field, with some good food and drinks, not to mention being so nice and all. On the field, with sixes and fours to their heart's content. We bowled so crap right from the beginning, they were like 66/1 after 6 overs. Finally we managed to get them all out for 160 something but it was always going to be a bit too much considering it was a T20 match. Then we batted like 11 Mubaraks would. Need I say more?

The presentation ceremony followed was typically Asian. More dignitaries than players, them getting more awards than players and the whole thing lasting longer than the match itself. And they took so many photos I'm sure nobody, in my whole life, bothered to photograph me so much. Not even my mom and dad or even the ex. Pakis are nice, come to think of it. And finally, after so many thank you speeches we managed to escape their hospitality and headed for a restaurant to have some beer. There's nothing like a cold beer after a hard day's work, especially when you got thrashed like that.


These Sri Lankan mothers are a dangerous breed, I tell you. Here is a conversation took place last night. After the usual chit chat.
Dangerous Mother : So, can't you visit SL this time as well?

Poor Me : I told you ne mom, I don't have enough leaves. No point coming for ten or so days. I'll come next year.

DM : But then you'll be close to 30!

PM : Umm... yes... you can't stop aging.

DM : But think! You should be married by then.

PM : *Rolling eyes*
I knew it'd come to this.

DM : Shut up. Don't you try to avoid this conversation every time. When are you going to get married?

PM : Mom, I'm fine the way I am! Why do you have to put a deadline that I should get married before this and this date. Gimme a break. I'll marry when I want.

DM : But that's the only worry I have. If you get married and settle down I can die with peace of mind.

PM : Oh don't be stupid. You still have time before worrying about dying.

DM : But who knows. See, I'll be sixty soon and I might die any day. And if I do, I'll have to die with the pain knowing that you still aren't married!

PM : Umm...
OK mom, bye!

What exactly are you supposed to say to something like that, really?
These mothers have a way of working you.
God help me!


Where the hell is Wijitha? It's been over a month since he last posted, and I really miss him. His blog is something unique and I always enjoyed reading him, it being one of the few blogs I've read from post #1 to the last. He did have a unique perspective on some things, and his writings were really good. And fun. Too bad I didn't bother to get his contacts, so if any of you do have, please send 'em to me or at least drop him a message and ask what the hell is going on.


Just as MJ predicted here, New Zealand continue to be crap and MJ continue to bash minnows. NZ that is. Cool eh?

OK guys, me off.



  1. LOL at the cricket game and presentation.. least you guys might have enjoyed the photography session. You'll be making headlines I'm sure. lol

    By the way.. aren't Lankans any better than Pakistanis least in informal cricket matches like that? =D

    And your mom.. sure is sweet.. and sounds a lot like my mom. =D guess all Lankan moms worry too much.. and that's how they show how much they love us. ^__^

  2. Sri Lankan Mothers eh? Such a unique, dangerous and scary breed. I recently foud out that my own one was trying to set me up with someone a little while ago. I'd met her and said hello and all!

  3. oh noo.... you're cursed too with the marriage thing eh?

    So....when are you getting married child? :P

  4. @Dee
    How dare you laugh at poor me!

    Maybe the normal Lankans are good, but we sucked big time.

    Tell me about it!
    But she tried to hook you up with someone?
    Jeez they are scary.

    Hell yeah, that's a curse you can hardly get away from!
    But hey, I have my mom behind me all the time, so well, don't repeat the questions!

  5. hey whn I read abt DM u reminded me of my bro who actually behaved the very same way u did
    u knw after so much threats wat my mum came up wth last
    she asked
    : R u GAY??
    U should see my bro's face then :P
    wish ur mama won't cum up wth this

  6. @Anon
    Hahaha I feel for the poor fella. So what happened, did he get married eventually?

    For the moment I'm able to avoid the matter, but it's only a matter of time, which I know for sure.

  7. He got married last yr
    I thnk u should not delay things like this!!

  8. of course not!!
    I'm just 16 yrs old girl !!!!