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Home Sweet Home

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shortest Fairy Tale In The World

I was reading this post by Hijinx a while ago, which contains three short stories she had written. I liked them. She has some talent despite her claiming otherwise just to be modest, I think. Anyway, that reminded me of another short story I've heard which is the shortest fairy tale in the world and perhaps the best as well.
එකමත් එක රටක ඉතා ලස්සන රාජ කුමාරියක් ජීවත් වූවාය. දිනක් ඇය ලඟට අසු පිටින් පැමිණි කුමාරයෙක් ඔයා මා කසාද බඳිනවාදැයි අසුවේය. තරහෙන් ඔරවා අහක බලාගත් කුමරිය ගත් කටටම බෑ කීවාය. ඉන් පසු කුමාරයා චිරාත් කාලයක් සතුටින් ජීවත් විය.
Loosely translated;
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess. One day, a prince came to her on a horse and proposed to her, but she refused point blank. Then the prince lived happily ever after.

Happy Weekend fellas!



  1. Sach - I thought the fish were cool but the clock is mesmerising, I've been watching it for ages.

  2. Yeah RD, I too can't get enough of it. Brilliant idea, by whoever that came up with it, isn't i?

  3. LOL think I've seen a slightly different version of it somewhere. A great fairytale no doubt.. and it should've ended as.. 'The princess too lived happily ever after!' =P

    PS: um.. that clock is very interesting but I can't seem to read it! lol What one earth does it display? the time of day, the month or year? -__-

  4. @Harumi
    That's the second time I heard that, someone else (a girl of course) told me the other day that it should be them both lived happily ever after.

    Btw, clock displays time! Bottom board numbered 1 - 12 represents hours and the two above minutes.

    I know!


  5. Really? =D See.. that's what you call a fair-for-all-happy-ending. =D

    Oh ya.. Thanks. I just read the time and it's exactly right! Wow.. whoever made that clock is a genius.