Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Beauty of Rome

Colosseum. It's so majestic.

It was so huge that even my wide angle lens couldn't capture it in full...

Inside Roman Basilica

Even the colors of McDonald's are changed to fit Rome

Vatican City. The smallest state in the world

Inside Sistine Chapel

"The Last Judgement" by Michelangelo



  1. that's just awe-inspiring! I can't believe how huge the Colosseum is! :O

    and the Sistine Chapel looks wonderful... I hope you took a photograph of that famous painting depicting the creation of Adam? : )

  2. tsk tsk...so I'm guessing you managed to evade the cops when taking the Sistine Chapel pics? ;-)

    Looking forward to more pics! These bring back good memories :-)

  3. Wow.. thanks so much for posting pics of the Colosseum.. and others too. Can't imagine how glorious it might have looked in the past. These works of art are truly amazing and inspiring.. aren't they?

    Now am eagerly awaiting the pics of Venice. =D

  4. wowowowowowWOW! I WANT TO GO TOO! u lucky dog :P hehe!

  5. @Chavie
    It was!
    Umm... I have to check whether I have a pic of that. In most of the places in it pics aren't allowed.

    *guilty grin*
    Oh come on! How could I resist taking a pic of that painting? Besides I didn't use the flash so no harm done!
    Yeah will post some Venice pics soon.

    Thanks. Will post soon.

    So go!
    How's Josh doing?

    You're welcome RD. I t hink it's more to do with the places being nice, rather than pictures.

  6. Amazing Place...
    U lucky thing!
    Me n camera wanna go too!

  7. Aamina, I'm sure you'd do a better job with the camera than me.