Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Plug and a Bit More

I just realized that 5% Vodka with bread, omelette and Marmite breakfast is just what you need to kick-start your weekend. I didn't plan it though; I got home late last night so bought a small bottle of Vodka too, thinking of having a little 'me time' but I was so tired I left the Vodka to have it's own 'me time' and fell asleep. I was so fast asleep that even several chat and phone calls have failed to wake me up, I see, to my utmost pleasure. There's something so satisfying with a good old sleep isn't it? However, that left me with an unopened and an inviting bottle of Vodka so I thought what the hell and went ahead. Trust me it's quite the right blend, just don't go for a 40% Vodka though, not at 10 in the morning anyway.

So then, to the plug. Some of my friends have put up this new web site, The Score, which is for all kinds of Sri Lankan sports. And I must say the guys are doing a quite impressive job with it. So far they have been giving continuous updates on almost all major schools rugby and cricket matches and also they've streamed a lot of matches online, something that's worth a lot specially for people like us who live abroad. I've been a rugby fan ever since I can remember, when I was back in Sri Lanka I hardly ever missed a rugby game either my school, St. Anthony's, or Kandy Sports Club played. But ever since I came here, the first match I happened to watch was a school game they streamed, so, thank you guys. I really do recommend you go check it out, it is certainly better than The Papare. Oh and I've been writing a column for them too, so check it out too. That's a shameless plug to myself.

Moving onto the 'bit more' bit of the title. It is really only a bit. You see, I've planned to go watch Pirate's of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides this weekend, so was doing my homework and watched all three past movies. I'm dedicated like that. It goes without saying that Johnny Depp is awesome, but so is Keira, at least for me. Pity that they didn't choose her this time. She really does have the best nose since Cleopatra.


  1. Shameless indeed..

    And about POTC, it's the otherway round mate. Keira and Orlando turned it down as they wanted to move onto other things.

  2. I knew you guys are going to say it, so I said it anyway.


    Oh didn't know about them turning it down, sad. I don't mind losing Orlando, he's just average, but Keira is another matter.

  3. I didnt know that they turned it down :(

    Anyway this way POC can start a new trilogy, I hope Stranger Tides is not connected to the previous titles in a major way.

    The Score looks quite good but how about focusing on the International Schools sports scene as well coz Papare always left us out :(

  4. Yeah, it is kind of off, and I hope they'd stop here to be honest. Too much of even the best isn't very good.

    Regarding The Score, thanks mate and I think you could suggest them the idea - there is the FB group to which they have linked on the site and I think they'll respond if you contact them. I'll let them know in the meantime.

  5. Ok , I followed and read your column, just because I like vodka. But if you keep on insulting my peace loving Obama, I will not read again! POC, I gave up with the second.

  6. Mate, thanks, and who doesn't like Vodka?

    Okay okay then, no more Obama posts.

  7. Any thoughts on the return of Jayasuriya?
    I think it is ridiculous.

  8. Well, what I have to say is not very different from what I said almost a couple of years ago:


    It's already too late, and it's just sad.

  9. Thanks for that.

    I think you have put it perfectly in your first sentence itself:

    "Seriously, you're past your sell by date and this is not really how we want to remember you."

  10. Yeah man, it is almost heartbreaking. I mean, we both grew up at a time when we were pretty much minnows in world cricket, we saw before our eyes when we transformed from being such minnows to a force to reckon with, and Sanath played a HUGE part in that transformation. So I think we have a huge respect (had?) for the man, for what he did, but I'm not sure how many respect him anymore.

    The irony of it is, had he quit just in time, today we would be saying how crap our team is and that had Sana stayed he would have won us games even at the age of 42. He was that good, he just didn't know when to quit.

    I think it's a lesson for us all.