Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blind Dude and Me

Today, there I was inside a train station, on my way to work. There's nothing unusual about it you might say and of course there isn't. There was an escalator, an ascending one at that but still there's nothing unusual about it of course. However when I was about to step onto it came a dude out of nowhere, and seeing his white walking stick I realized he's a blind person so waited a moment to let him pass wondering at the same time how the hell is he going to step onto the escalator without stumbling.

Then the dude stepped on to it as effortlessly as Justin Bieber would pass for a woman. It was perfection personified; the blind dude's movement, not Bieber's feminine qualities though one can argue that they also are near perfect. I was so surprised that I almost stumbled stepping onto the thing following him.

Thank god he didn't offer me any help; probably he realized the irony of it all.

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