Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, June 24, 2011

Status Update

Today is the end of two insanely busy weeks and what a friggin' relief it is. I literally had to work day in and day out for the last two weeks, including Saturday and Sunday, which is far from my idea of how weekend should be spent. Add 3 hours of daily travel to it which in fact is the worst part of it. I can work till late no problem, but I can't friggin' wake up so early everyday. But that's what I had to do, so the last two weeks was pretty much wake up at 7 in the morning, be at work at 9.30, work till about 10 or 11 - P.M. that is, not A.M. - and then be back home at midnight. And then the same routine again. And again. And then again. You get the drift right. Anyway I'm not complaining for a) I knew what I was in for when I came here and b) late night and weekend work means a fat pay check. As someone somewhere said, whoever said money can't buy you happiness simply didn't know where to shop. So yeah, I went ahead and ordered online a CASIO G-Shock watch; a present to myself for no particular reason. A note to everyone who doesn't know where to buy happiness; go to Amazon.com - you don't even have to spend a lot as things are quite cheap over there.

On other things, Sunday will be our third (I think so, I've lost count (losing count when you count up to 3 is sad, I know, but still)) attempt at starting the much awaited cricket season this year and I pray to the non-existent gods please don't spoil the party. I don't remember why but the first time we couldn't play as scheduled for some reason, then last week we couldn't play because of weather. Of course I wouldn't have played anyway since I was at work, so I didn't really miss much there, but I'm not going to miss it a third time too. Bashing a hapless Indian team is always fun so there's extra motivation as well. Wish me luck, as I have a feeling that I might need it since I'm planning on scoring a run-a-ball 100 and following it up with a five-fer, but of course that would be possible only if we bat first, and since I have not planned to take five wickets and follow it up with a hundred, run-a-ball or otherwise, it all depends on our newly appointed enthusiastic captain, let's call him A, winning the toss.

Keep this quiet; I'm hoping against hope the bugger will lose the toss.

There will be a company gathering sort of thing this evening, which means getting drunk to your heart's content, and god (no-existent again) I can do with a good ol' shot of whiskey right now. Off to getting drunk then. Later peeps!


  1. Good luck for your run-a-ball 100 and five fer!

    With all these cricket madness I hope you will not forget to watch Sri Lanka vs. Japan under 20 rugby match today. Just in case work has distracted you, the kick off is at 3.30 p.m. SL time and you can catch the action live at the usual sites. Your captain Rajaguru will be the number 8. He is a very good player. Watch out for my friend no.13.

  2. Thanks mate, I did not get the hundred but top scored with an unbeaten 53.

    Oh and I came home just in time to catch the second half of the match! Thanks for the heads up mate, I would have missed otherwise. And was that your friend who made an interception? I did not expect us to win but the guys put on at least a good performance I guess. Nice to see the young fellas doing good eh?

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  4. No problem. Yes, it was Danushka Ranjan who did that last minute interception to scored that 95m try. All in all, it was a great comeback by our boys, considering in 2010 we were thrashed 92-3!

    So compared with last year, we have managed to reduce Japanese onslaught by 41%, and in return, our reply has improved by 866%!