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Home Sweet Home

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our guys were shot at, but cricket was fucked...

Now that almost everything needs to be have been said, like how lucky our guys were, how shitty the security was and how brave the driver was, I won't be saying the same again. Let's just assume that I said all that.

So... the guys are out of danger, everyone's relieved and they will be back on the field again in no time.

Or will they?

That's the big question. In my mind, cricket is truly fucked by a few shameless retarded terrorists. And the implications will be a lot larger than they appear to be at the moment. I truly feel for the cricket loving general public of Pakistan. Many people, mainly the Western world seems to think that the words Muslim and Terrorist go together. It is not, and the majority of the Pakistan regret this attack even more than us Sri Lankans do, I'm sure of it. Generalizing is a bad thing. Not to mention dangerous. Generalizing the whole of Pakistan into terrorists is no better than generalizing all the Tamils in Sri Lanka - or worse, all the people in Sri Lanka - as terrorists. We do understand this, most of the Sri Lankans do, for we have first hand experience of what terrorism is. But not everyone else...

And this affects the thinking of them. Already, some cricketing nations have expressed their concerns about playing the 2011 WC in the subcontinent. And no one can blame them anymore. When they refused to tour Pakistan earlier, we all - well, at least me and some others - branded them as pussies and cowards. But now the pussies have been proven right and I have been proven wrong. Never I thought that I'd live to see the day a cricket team being targeted by a bunch of fuckwit terrorists. Times have changed. Perhaps we were too naive, as Sanga put it.

I wouldn't blame if cricketers refuse to tour the subcontinent anymore, not just Pakistan. After all, life is worth more than a lot of things, and who are we to ask cricketer to put their ass on the line? We didn't think this would happen in Pakistan, but it did. How can we guarantee that it wouldn't happen in India or Sri Lanka. One thing we Sri Lankans have learn from our thirty odd years of experience of terrorism is that, no matter how much security you have, there is a possibility that a terrorists can always be successful. Specially if the fucktard is willing to give his life for it. Now that we are close to wipe out the cancer that had previously taken one third of our land, they are desperate. And when people are desperate - even the terrorists are people - they tend to do anything as a last measure...

So, if the WC is moved, I will most certainly be sad along with many others, but it is time we accept the truth. Things have changed, they are not the same.

In fact, things will never be the same again...


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