Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sri Lanka Team Attacked!


Just heard some news that SL team in Pakistan have been targeted by the terrorists. And it is said that six players are injured including Mahela and Sanga. Not getting any confirmed news at the moment about who's injured or the conditions.

Just hope they are OK...



  1. i posted my repsonse on damiths blog but posting it here as well in case u miss out

    let me qualify……..i DONT second nor do i concur with KISHOR …it was just a comment on arjuna ranatunga whom i just abhor….and the one responsible for the tour to take place…i know u are hurt and emotinal about the whole situation so am I…….hence the OUTRAGE agaisnt the person who agreed to this tour at first place . i am a huge fan of the SL team esp of SANGA…and i am as happy and glad as any of u SL fans that he and the rest of the players are safe

    i will take in account that u are right pretty emotinal abuot the whoe thing…so i am refraining from repsnding in kind to ur abuse and insult …..we can keep it for another day

  2. Ummm... OK my apologies mate.
    I think I have misunderstood, but that is no excuse. I am truly sorry for what I said about you.