Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Well Earned Bottle of Wine...

The weekend was fun. We had a party, a gathering of all the Sri Lankans who work in our company here, and not a single Jap which is always a plus. In a sea of white, or rather yellow faces it is so good to be around so many brown faces at the same time. Also, though we work in the same company the work places are scattered so we don't always meet everyone, hence a nice time to meet them all after some time. And Sri Lankan food. 'Nuff said.

The fun begun when the musical chairs started. There were like twenty people, most of them girls. There weren't more than seven or eight guys. And the ladies were taking advantage of their ladiness, because, you know... if a guy and a girl ended up fighting for a chair, the guy would give up and give her his seat right. You see, we men are so honorable creatures. Sometimes. So when the number was reduced to seven, apart from me and another guy everyone else were girls. And when the music stopped next time, he was out too! This was the second time in a week I was left all to myself in the middle of a bunch of ladies, but at least the first time I didn't know any of them. This was worse.

Everything was at stake. The pride of us men, and a bottle of Wine.

Maybe if only the first was at stake, we wouldn't have bothered. But when the latter is added to the mix, we men are left with no choice I'm sure you'll understand. So we decided to play dirty. Solomon, the guy who was in control of music, well he was a guy. From then on, mysteriously the music would stop only when I was positioned such that I could easily secure my seat. Of course he was not supposed to look at us, but hell, people need to act accordingly in dire circumstances.

Need I say that I won we won that bottle of Wine and our pride wasn't shattered? Sometimes life is so good.



  1. someone's had fun!! and hmm...maybe thou were lucky..:P

  2. hahah! u bastard! at least share the wine with em,

  3. Loonie > You should have seen how the ladies cheated! :P

    LD > Yeah I was!

    Whacky > Share? Are you crazy man? I made it sure I was at least ten feet away from them all the time after that!