Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


  • Why is it that in Hollywood flicks the mob boss always fancy cooking? Picture a scene; a helpless dude who knowingly or unknowingly did some wrong to the mob boss is brought to meet the boss by some mean looking goons. The dude is shaking like a fish out of the water, and he will always be taken to the kitchen to meet the boss. Now this kitchen is usually very big, like one in a five star hotel, and for some reason everything in there is made of steel. The boss is in there alone, wearing an apron and all that (but rarely a cooking hat, perhaps because it takes away the mean-look of the boss a bit) cutting some vegetables, stirring a pot or making a pudding. The gist is, he's always cooking something. Now when the poor dude is brought to meet him, he'll usually take some time doing what he does, taste what he was making, and probably will offer some to the poor sod who's about to die. Only after all that fuss will he get into the real business. Why?
  • Why do people put a status message in Facebook and then click "Like" as well?
  • Why do graduates like to take photos in front of shelves with huge books that look like copies of Bible?
  • Why is it that in Hollywood movies people always fall safely? I bet you've seen more than once how they fall unconsciously, like trees, but never ever hurt their heads. Imagine it in real life though; if you fall on a hard floor all of a sudden you are almost always sure to bang your head very hard.
  • Why is it that the comment section of any article regarding a cricket match that involves either India or Pakistan turn into an India - Pakistan war?
  • Why is it that people consider it very important to watch the latest movie before anyone else does?
  • Why couldn't they phrase the saying You can't have your cake and eat it too a little better? It sounds more like saying You can have your cake but you can't eat it.
  • Why do footballers trip over blades of grass and claim to have the leg broken if the opposition is in possession of the ball at the time, but miraculously get up and run if their own team has the possession?
  • Why am I writing this knowing I will never get any good answers?


  1. 1. No clue...
    2. Because, then at least one person likes that status...
    3. At least they have pictures of the books then...
    4. Because it is Hollywood...
    5. PakIndians...
    6. So they can tell the whole story from A-Z. to those who haven't watched...& become spoilers...
    7. :|
    8. They are Drama Queens...
    9. Only you know...

  2. @Danushka
    I still haven't done 3. Have you?

    I know, I'm bored like that.

  3. Nope...Haven't done 3 yet...
    Probably because I've read them all... :D