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Home Sweet Home

Friday, July 2, 2010

How God Messed Things Up

You see, I love chocolate and I love coffee. My love for chocolate is a very old one, so much so that if this my-love-for-chocolate was a person he would have been only two or three years younger than me. Ever since I knew food, I knew chocolate and then I also loved them. But my love for coffee is a recently developed one. Since I came to Japan a little over two years ago to be precise. Many things in that Paradise Island are absolutely brilliant, but coffee is just isn't one of them. Coffee there is just, let's say, average. However, coffee you find in Japan, now that's a different story. It really has the aroma, the taste of real coffee, and for two years it was part of my breakfast.

But I had to give them up recently. Fuck.

I've been suffering from migraine for some time, but I never really did anything about it. However, if you are one of the unlucky fellows out there you'd know how much pain it is when the bastard decides it is time to show up. Recently I found out that both chocolate and coffee are strong triggers of migraine attacks. So very, and I mean VERY reluctantly I gave them both up. Why oh why, dear God? Why did it have to be chocolate and coffee? Why couldn't it be something like broccoli or pumpkin or something else like that? I would have happily given it up then. Well technically you can't really give up something you don't eat already, but then again that's the whole point. Why is it that always the good stuff come with bad side effects and healthy food taste like old boots? Why couldn't broccoli contain all the cholesterol in the world and why couldn't pork have been the healthiest food out there? I have a feeling that pigs might not find this thought entertaining, but you can't satisfy everyone can you? Imagine a wold where chocolate and ice cream is good for your teeth. Now that's a world where I'd die to live in.

Seriously, God, you suck.

I've never eaten old boots.


  1. shit man. that's like my allergy for white spirits! hehehe ^^

  2. Lol... I like broccoli, chocolate and coffee... and also have migraine. Where does that leave me?

  3. Man that sucks! I am not a chocolate lover per se, but coffee, I wake up looking for it. Luckily there is Peet's coffee in walking distance from our place, where we get our favorite Sumatran coffee.
    In SL there is a coffee roaster in Bamba, I think, blends and roasts pretty good local coffee.
    Hey I like broccoli! :)

  4. LOL! :D :D
    I'd die to live there too!

  5. I'm migraine prone. Coffee was a trigger for me when I was in college. Luckily I wasn't quite the fan of it anyway, so I didn't have a problem giving up. but once in a while I do have an iced cappuccino. I'm sure you should be okay too.

  6. I'm a fellow migraine sufferer too, I feel your pain, quite literally, Sach.

  7. Dee, that's crap!

    Angel, what? You like broccoli? Are you mad? :P
    Btw, you a doc no? How do you get rid of this thing? Or you can't?

    Magerata, tell me about it man! Coffee is the must for breakfast, but what to do?

    Anon, high five!

    Chav, exactly!

    Crystal Flame, I think the triggers differs from person to person. I heard even banana could be one.

    RD, thanks mate! Long live the migraine sufferers!

  8. there's a gud recipe to make Cappucino @ home.
    Check dis out!!!:D
    BTW wonder hw u'll live without thm .Itz gud tht ice cream is not in the list:P

  9. lol you've got a big sweet tooth! Too bad though but when it comes to health, lil sacrifices are essential.

    And see.. if you eat lots of chocos for many years you'd end up with diabetes plus pimples! O__O

    So it's good you gave 'em up just in time. ^__^

  10. Anon, you are evil!
    Yeah, breakfast without coffee doesn't sound like a breakfast at all, does it? But well, you can't have everything I guess. Oh and not really a big ice cream fan.

    Harumi, to hell with diabetes!
    LOL yeah but you got a point.

  11. So messed up man...

    Dude... At least be thankful that the migraines aren't triggered when you have a turn-on.


  12. WTF? That's retarded to even think of! LOL