Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, July 16, 2010

My World

So I hurriedly accepted the open tag from the Drummer who was inspired by LadyD. Yes I'm jobless like that.

Things That Make Me Happy

Hanging out with them doing nothing
Or doing the things we love to do the most
Friday evenings
Waking up early in Saturday mornings to realize that it's the weekend
Watching All Blacks play rugby
Playing touch rugby
Playing cricket
Watching cricket
A hot water bath after getting really tired
Eating what I cooked
When a program I wrote works like a charm the first time
A good laugh
Long evening walks on them
When a photograph turns out better than I expected it to be
A good book
Opening the inbox to find an email from an old friend
Or from a very dear one
The thought that I am so lucky
Just About Anything...

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. When you say "beaches" I hope you mean the sandy things, not the girly film!

  2. RD! How could such a thought even cross your mind!

  3. Sabby, it's Just About Anything that makes me happy, not just about anything.

  4. "Eating what I cooked" hope only you can eat them .That's wat happens to me every time I cook :P

  5. LO, I'm a pretty good cook even if it is I who say so.