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Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cricket Starts And We Decipher Songs

The much awaited cricket season in Japan started last Sunday. Much awaited by us, not the Japs. They don't know Jack about cricket and couldn't possibly have been waiting for it more than I do for Ranjan Ramanayake's next film. Anyway, as I was saying the cricket season started which I must say is a wonderful thing: if nothing else, it makes you feel at home a bit. We were to play a friendly game with another team which was based on a location some 200 kilometers away from where we are, so off we went in the wee hours of morning which is to say at about 8 a.m. The wheels were trusted with the experienced hands of Solomon, which we thought was a smart move. Within 10 minutes we realized it wasn't the case, as during those 10 minutes he violated more traffic rules than all the other people here did during the past two years put together. So after we entered the highway D took the driver's seat and we prepared an argument in case a traffic cop stopped us: the whole point of allowing people to drive only if they hold a driver's license is to make the roads safe. So which is better - a bad driver with a license or a good driver without one? And if the cop still disagrees, the last option would be to get him in the car and let Solomon drive further 100 meters which will surely make him agree.

So then, after so many heart stopping moments we arrived at Shizuoka, the place where we were to play the match. Everything was set to play, the Sun was out and we thought it was gonna be a good, if not great start to the season. Alas, it wasn't to be so. Shortly afterwards the clouds started gathering which was followed by a drizzle and the temperature started dropping at a rate faster than [insert something here which has a very high rate]. When we bowled the last few overs the temperature couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 degrees Celsius. Wearing only the cricket trousers and stuff, it was cold as hell when it freezes over. Then, just when we finished bowling it promptly rained thus ending the match. It seemed sort of stupid traveling some 200 kilometers to bowl 35 overs and come back, but such is cricket.

On our way back we got caught in a mad traffic and the car wasn't moving at all. As a means of passing time, being the intelligent lot we are, we got engaged in a few 'intellectual discussions' such as the latest movies, Shakira's bottom and IPL. When even that bored us, we started to actually listen to lyrics of the songs that we had playing and found out how rich the Sinhala language was. We were listening to Kasun Kalhara's songs, among others, and that song Sanda Sanda Wage came up. Cool song, I must say, and you can listen to it here if you want. We listened carefully and found out that it is a song about nothing but the plain and obvious facts, yet it's a nice song. It says moon looks like moon, flowers look like flowers, you look like you and I look like I. What else can they look like? If we still dumb it down and convert into a mathematical formula, it'll look like this:
A = A, B = B, C = C and D = D
As long as A != B and B != A
Then A = A and B = B
Lucky Newton wasn't in Sri Lanka or else we would have been learning Physics by songs.



  1. Ok, in math ! means factorial so both A and B has to be non-negative integers. And for the conditions A != B and B != A to be satisfied, both of them should be equal to 1. Does the song include that part? ;)

  2. @Looney
    I always thought Physicists are crazy. Now I have proof.

  3. Kasun should stick to singing since the logic is wrong.
    A!=B & B!=A are not requirements for A=B & B=B

    And also about the Cricket, serves you right for playing that crazy sport

  4. Interesting Sach, as songs are often borken down into a structure like that in terms of the verses and choruses etc.

    Of course, we all know that baila is a bit special though!

  5. Oh, and did I mention that after dropping you off at your apartment, I ended up driving along the wrong direction of a one way street? Almost started a fight with a Japanese guy who pointed out my mistake...


  6. @Nee
    Indeed, but still he's not wrong either, no?
    And what's wrong with cricket? You should try it sometime.

    Umm... I'm not exactly sure whether I follow you. Sorry for being such a music nuisance, if it is the right word.
    And yeah, nothing beats Baila though.

    What? I thought you'd at least make that one kilometer without trouble. Oh well, wishful thinking I guess.

  7. Haha it IS a cool song you know..I'm such a fan that Ive had it as my ring tone on and off for 3+ yrs :D

  8. If Newton was in Sri Lanka, it would have been a coconut that fell on his head, and he would’ve been dead instantly. Come to think of it, going by the logic that “History repeats itself” I am sure there would have been a smart chap from Lankadveepa long before Newton, but he must have died before writing the theory.

  9. @Niroshinie
    Yeah, I like it too, but a ring tone?

    Good point. See that Ravana dude even invented a plane no? Also, if it was a coconut that fell on Newtown, our school days would have been lot more easier.

  10. hehe.. Funny as always. See even cricket can be so amusing if it's played by Sach. lol Well.. it's too bad you couldn't play the full game even after traveling that far. Next time you can invite them to come over and play right? =D

    And about Kasun Kalhara, I like most of his songs in Haritha Nimnaye album. Especially 'Ananthayata yana'. And he seems very particular about the lyrics too unlike the singers nowadays who can even turn songs into kottu (not the site, I'm talking about the food here). lol

    PS: I missed this blog for a while. Hope to catch up whenever I can from now on. ^__^

  11. Yes we should invite them, the trick is to find a day that will rain in the afternoon.

    Yeah I noticed you've not been that active of late, what was up? Busy I guess.

  12. @Sach
    ring tone as in the opening music - not the complete song itself! people actually downloaded it from me when they heard it :D

  13. @Niroshinie
    Come to think of it, it may actually be a nice one. But the thing is it's been two years since I last used a ringing tone - it's always vibration only since not many people here use ring tones.

  14. By Shakira's Bottom...You Mean Mine Right :P?

  15. I love 'Kaulu Piyanpath' and 'Adara Mal'... :)

    He might've been trying to say that since A=A, and B=B, A shouldn't try to be B, or A -> B? :S lol ;)

  16. hehehe..not to worry Sach..ay be next time you will get nice weather...
    Ughhhh..Physics...:(...still learning it...like my nightmare..i try my best to love it...but it simply refuses to love me...:(

  17. @Chavie
    Now you're confusing me.

    Try telling that to the first commenter who is a Physicist.

  18. Yep, busy and was being a lil too lazy for blogging too. lol Had my free time mostly occupied by manga and manhwa those days, so couldn't help it. =D