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Home Sweet Home

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Invention of Lying

In the hands of a more able writer + director, this would have been one of the greatest movies of all times. It is such a brilliant idea that you could have done almost anything with it, yet they chose to make a lame ass third grade Hollywood romantic flick.

The story in short is that in a world where all the humans tell nothing but the truth (not out of choice but because of their nature) one man develops the ability to lie. Then he uses it to first save his apartment, then the job but does not lie to the love of his life even when it matters. Predictably she, at the end, realizes he's a wonderful guy and ends up marrying him. Meh.

Imagine what you could have done if you were the only man who could lie in a world full of honest chaps. People believing every word you say without the slightest of doubts! Now that's crazy, but also you could take over the world pretty much in a day or two.

Who says lying is bad?


  1. Sachy, what were you doing watching a chick flick?!


  2. Sabby, but... but..... we all have our moments! Don't judge me!

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  4. hehehe...i thought you guys find them super lame...:)

  5. When I first read this I thought everyone in that world might have been really nice and honest but being too blunt in whatever they say makes it sound otherwise.

    And nope, I still think being honest is good.. but obviously not in this movie's way. =D

  6. Hahaha, never admit to watching a chick flick, even though every boy does once in a while! ;)

  7. @PS
    It was!

    I wasn't being really serious, but you need liars too, when you come to think of it. Otherwise it will cause a shitload of problems.

    I know man.. but it's too late now. That evil Sabby will destroy my reputation now.

  8. Oh sweetheart, admitting to watching chick flicks is the new social suicide, you didn't know??! :P

    I think its adorableeeee!!!! :D

  9. Aaaaargh, I knew it'd come to this! I'm doomed now.
    What am I gonna do?
    What am I gonna DO!!