Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I Miss the Most

Friends. The few wonderful friends I left behind. Just hanging around talking nonsense was... fun.

Kandy. Hanging around there with the above said friends, practically doing nothing was like spiritual healing or something.

SL rugby season. Was a huge fan and watch every single club season starting from 1990 to 2007. From the days when KandySC was like the Bangladesh of Test cricket to today where they are the mighty Aussies. Then I missed everything since.

Playing rugby. Touch rugby though. At Pera, used to play at least one day a week - usually more - for about four hours. Those were the days.

Beaches. The awesomeness.

Campus life. A usual day would be like getting up at 7 or 8, be there at the campus around 10 for breakfast. Play one or many of the card games like Poker, 304, Spades, Hearts, Bridge or even 'Booru' when things came to that. Or head to Gym, play some Badminton, Carom or whatever else. Back to canteen, more card games. Or head to hostel rooms and play video games, watch Anarkalli's back in Sinhala Karaoke songs or just talk about the hot chicks in new batches while having a cig or two. Then kottu from nearby Night Kadey and head home. Ah... that was life.

Getting piss drunk for no reason. Specially in hostel rooms so that you don't have to worry about getting home presentably.

Food. Sri Lankan food that is.

'Book shopping'. Loved going to bookstores and browsing through the many a thousand books pretending to wanting to buy them. Because I hardly had enough money to actually buy what I wanted, which usually meant the whole book store.

Oh well, I could just have said I miss the paradise, couldn't I? I tell you people, the ones who are still in paradise, don't take for granted the things you have. You never know what you had until you miss them.



  1. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! ur in Japan right... They are Asia's NUMBER UNO rugby team! hows the club rugby action there?? sigh.. the club season in sl this time is gonna be helluva season machan... Kandy as always, but CR and Navy not far behind...

  2. I know machan, but it's not the same as supporting Kandy or CR is it? You don't really have any ties here. Yeah, hope it's gonna be a great season and wish if somebody would stream it.

    Btw, you know the shittiest thing happened last year. They played a Tri-Nations game here in Japan, Blacks vs Wallabies no less and I MISSED THE FUCKING GAME! Would you believe it? It was always my dream to go see a Tri Nations, and I missed it. Crap. Hope they'll come here again this time around. I wouldn't miss it for whatever.

  3. Man.... You missed cricket...
    & what about the "Drunk vs. Sober" rugby games...

  4. WTF!!! U IDIOT! how the fuck did u miss tht?? I remember now they played the bledisloe cup final in Tokyo yeah... dude! dont worry I think they are playing it again there this year as well.. DONT MISS IT MAN!

  5. @Danushka
    But I don't miss it now, cos the season starts here soon and I'll be playing again.
    About Drunk vs Sober rugby games, yeah man that was awesome innit? In the middle of the night too. And we beat the crap out of Sober guys. LOL.

    They are playing here again!? Awesome, I'm going this time no matter what!

  6. Sachin lose tomorrow!. Royal challengers win!

  7. Poor you. =D That's the same thing my pals who live overseas say.. that they miss this country big time. I guess it's a human tendency to admire what we don't have and ignore what we already have.

    I too am glad that I found some cool nature blogs that instilled the same idea.. and now I value the life in this lil isle than ever before. ^__^

    PS: But it has nothing to do with me being an otaku when it comes to J-pop and K-pop and manga and manhwa and anime.. lol

  8. @Harumi
    What to do... life is such.

  9. oh well... we all face change... and we all miss something...

    Come back for a long holiday and do all what you want to do..:)

    I get your post... I so do.

  10. Thanks LD!
    Yeah, we all do miss something don't we? It is, as someone said, grass is always greener on the other side.