Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

High Gravity Zone

For years scientists have been trying to find a way to create low or even zero for that matter, gravity zones but to no avail. Their search continues, but in the meantime nobody really bothered to find high gravity zones on earth. What their use is, even I'm not sure of, though of course I'm no scientist by any means. However, I'm glad to reveal to all you folks that there is one such zone in my very room. In fact, there has been one in almost everywhere I lived - you could even say that it follows me.

This zone has some very interesting qualities. First and the obvious is that if you happens to be in this zone it is almost impossible to escape it for gravity is much higher than the other places. You need a lot of strength and will power if you are to escape it. Many a time I almost escape it, only to fall back even harder. Then, it's gravity varies depending on the time of the day or even time of the year. Usually the highest readings were obtained on mornings, of which the maximum was recorded on freezing winter mornings. Lowest readings can be obtained in very hot summer mid days. This zone has been living with me for so long, it knows me so well. Therefore, it varies it's gravity according to my mood even; if I am in a particularly jovial mood, and wants to be out, it will more often than not lower it's gravity and let me do as I please. On the other hand, if I'm bored, tired, got some cleaning to do or has an exam coming up it will increase it's gravity immensely, pulling me towards it if I happen to be in the vicinity. Not only that; I start to watch a movie or grab a book, it definitely increases it's gravity pulling me in within seconds.

Still no idea as to what it is? Really? OK then, it is my bed.



  1. You are in Japan... Tell us about it. the food too. All of us love Japanese food and think you are very lucky. My younger daughter is into Manga and thinks Japan is heaven. Forger about the gravity zones.

  2. Oh crap... sorry to disappoint you daughter because I pretty much hate Manga.

    The food, well, it's interesting. I get it when you say you love Jap food, because when you eat it once in a while it really tastes good. There are all kinds of stuff too. But when you have to eat it pretty much all the time, the novelty wears off and you get tired of. Specially when your tongue is used to spicy stuff we eat back in paradise. The you start to pretty much hate Jap food, which I've come to.

    Otherwise, Japan is quite nice...

  3. LOL. I think gravity is the reason why people ‘fall’ asleep; and that’s why there are pillows on the bed: to prevent people from hurting themselves when they fall.

  4. For a minute I thought you were talkin about something else LOL. Can I be added to your blogroll. Already added you.

  5. @Chavie
    Isn't it the same everywhere?

    Man, I know!
    Not just fall asleep, just lying there is heaven!

    What were you thinking?
    Thanks for adding and will add you too once I get a minute.

  6. I must admit I do stay on your blog for a little longer than most others as your clock absolutely fascinates me - especially around the 5 min mark. btw how does it pick it up the time it uses as it does not seem to conform to my system clock

  7. You should watch it at exactly 1 pm or am. That's when all the balls fall down.

    I didn't know it doesn't match with your system clock though.

  8. Oh this is so funny .Though I thought something diff.btw do u knw that one of ur blog was published in a newspaper in paradise-The Sunday Leader

  9. @Anon
    What did you think of?
    And yeah, I knew there were couple of my posts in Kottu Mag section, which is, well, a nice feeling. Thanks for dropping by!