Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Post on a Leaflet

Yesterday as well as the day before I was out at an exhibition with my team at work. Of course it was work-related, hence boring, useless, driving you up walls etc. So instead I wrote a blog post sitting at a cafe there. I typed it for you, and here it is along with a picture of the original one.

I'm at an exhibition for two days running now. No I didn't eat, poop and then sleep on a table there for two days as someone would wrongly have imagined. It's just I had to visit it, on business capacity no less, which merely means my whole team went there and because they couldn't leave me at office alone they took me along as well. Come to think of it they could very well have left me to do my usual work - which of course include blogging, reading blogs and such time wasting stuff - but must have felt envious of me so took me along. Bastards.

I mean, THIS SUCKS! Being at office battling with codes is so much better than this shit. It's heaven! I know I'll be cursing work from tomorrow on again, but right now it seems thousand times better. All you have here is a bunch of Japs telling another bunch of Japs about the supposedly cool stuff (OK, they are cool, but really, meh) they've made, and the ones listening go WOW (in Japanese of course) ones every two sentences. It's fun to watch for a while, they you grow tired of it. Sure there are pretty chicks with layers of make-up as thick as a centimeter or two, all smiley, asking you to take a leaflet or two and offering you gifts if you do a survey. I evaded many, but eventually agreed to do one just for the sake of it. After finishing it I was given a small gift which consisted of a promotional CD, a little notepad and a bloody mirror that comes along with make-up sets! That was the end of me doing surveys.

So eventually I had nothing to do, so bored, not to mention hungry so headed to a cafe inside the exhibition hall. Which is where I am right now, with the steaming Cocoa I ordered. Writing this of course, which I guess is about to be finished because there isn't anything else to write. I will probably type this and hit the 'Publish' button tomorrow, from the heaven that is my workplace!

Have a rocking weekend all!



  1. You wrote it while doing your makeup and pooping inside a cafe? :O

  2. While NOT doing any of those, actually.

  3. That must have been one hell of a cocoa cuz you havent written since.

  4. How do you say Wow in Japanese? Is there bowing involved?

  5. @Damith
    No man, the Cocoa was quite normal, it's the combination of weekend, being busy and being not well that resulted in no posts.

    Hmm... how can I say that? It's not really a word but a sound they use. Like a very long 'hae....' sound.
    If you know Sinhala, try to make the sound "හේ" very long. That's the closest I can tell you.