Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sunrise on a Plane!

After what was nothing short of absolutely wonderful three weeks of vacation, it was coming back time yesterday. The flight was at 8.40 p.m., so got to the BIA at about 6 in the evening. And it was nice meeting a random guy who turned out to be a college mate.

On the flight, I got a window seat but usually I prefer aisle as I can get up, go to the washroom or just wander around without bothering your neighbor. Also you can stretch a bit as well. And luckily, there was a Muslim guy next to me and he asked whether he could be the window seat for a couple of minutes so that he could pray. I gladly agreed and said that he could keep it if he wanted. So, I could swap mine with him cos he preferred the window.

Still my whole body was aching after a few hours and I was like turning this way and that on my seat. Could hardly sleep, so I got up, grabbed my pillow and bed sheet (or should I say seat-sheet?) and just wandered around to see if there were a couple of adjacent vacant seats. Finally found a couple at the very front of the cabin so settled there - my back to the window and feet on the other seat - and had a good couple of hours' sleep.

When I woke up, it was the sunrise and was an absolutely breathtaking sight! Below was a sea of clouds and the sun rising in the horizon. You don't always get to see that, so captured a few snapshots on my mobile.

And this scene made me completely forget all the aching and pain.
Isn't it a stunning sight?



  1. niiiiiiiiiiice!!
    So back in Japan eh? :)
    Good to know you had a great vacation..:)

  2. Cellphones are supposed to be switched OFF in flight!


  3. hahah...awesome stuff..got my own little Sunrise picture,the camera was shitty though..but the actual scenery was awesome!!!

    thought of doing some edits...came off like this..

  4. What? I thought this was going to have Samuel L Jackson screaming 'There are muthafukin sunrises on this muthafukin plane!!!'


  5. LD, aren't they indeed!
    Yeah back in Japan and had a great vacation. It was FUN!

    Black, it was AWESOME indeed! How was your christmas and all?

    Sabby, oh well I know... but I was just taking a photo... it wasn't like I was going to hijack the plane or something... :P

    Realskullzero, thanks!
    Oh and great pic that of yours too...

    Apelogic, always a pleasure!

    Jerry? WTF man?
    Sunrise don't bite you! :P

  6. Hey Sach, Nice pics. I caught a series of pics during the flight – from am to pm – and was thinking of posting – then to discover you beat me to it! I shall post them on my blog soon...

  7. Thanks mate, and please do share with us your pics as well...
    I never get tired of awesomeness of nature...