Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

These Days

So then, enough cricket I guess. At least for the time being. It was one hell of a hectic month for not only players but for ardent fans like yours truly too. Following a cricket world cup for a month and a half is not easy, especially when the games end at 2.30 in the morning and then you have to go to work next day as well. I've been sleep deprived for the last month, but to be honest, I didn't care. Because other than not being able to sleep early, it was an awesome time for a cricket fan. I usually get home from work around 7 in the evening, then I would prepare the meal while watching the match. Okay, mostly, this so called preparing would account for moving whatever I have in the refrigerator to the microwave and then heating it for two minutes, but still. Afterwards I would make some tea, or grab some beer if the next day is a weekend, hop onto my comfy chair and me is good to go. You should be able to put the hard yard as a fan, right?

Moving on, it's my favorite time of the year aka spring. I love spring. It's full of awesomely colorful flowers (okay, that sounded a little girly, but my interest in flowers is more to do with photographing them, not indulging in their sweet smell) but my love for this season is more to do with the weather. It gives you the awesomest (no such word, I know, but it's cool right?) weather imaginable; not too warm, not too cold, and sunny days are pure bliss. Reminds me of Kandy; it was just like that back home most of the time. Besides after the dreadful, cold and gloomy winter any kind of weather is a welcoming change. So yeah, this is my favorite time of the year and it is time to get my camera I guess. Below is a picture I took last spring, a picture of the road in front of my apartment. I hope you get what I mean when I say it is the awesomest season.

Now, moving further on, I come back to cricket. However, this time it is about playing cricket, not watching. If you are familiar around here you know that I've been playing some hardball cricket here, and if you are not, now you do. Usually the cricket starts around April, and now it is about time. No news from the organizer about the exact dates but I am very much looking forward to cricket. I've not got any serious exercise for few months now as my usual evening jog was put on hold by the cruel weather gods. I mean, come on, nobody runs in winter right? Anyway, I hope to get back to that habit, and also cricket soon. Playing cricket is not just about cricket, its about being part of a team, doing what I like, enjoying myself. We are not the best team around but we sure do enjoy our cricket. And seriously I can do with some enjoying after months of hibernating, so to speak.


  1. 'tis spring here in the UK too. I prefer the summer but spring ranks up there as one of my favourite seasons for sure!

    I'm extremely glad to see that you're back blogging Sach.

  2. I love spring too Sach. especially that I get to shed the winter coats and wear cute stuff :)

    Hey, i took your advice...my blog is back ! I don't know what got into me...i need to lighten up I guess...( its a personal vice i'm working on fixing)... I think too much studying has done this to me. i should have just dropped out of college and worked as a waitress... i would have definitely had a heck of a lot more fun in my life !

    Thanks again sach...you're cool !

  3. Hey Sach we just had 26C days last week (But back to 10 C today) and played for Japan Aid in SF. I will play again on "Sakura Matsuri" celebrations next week and the following for the same cause. Running in winter, I did more during the winter than in summer, get off your lazy *** without making weather excuses and run! Happy spring and cricketing!

  4. And it's good to be back, RD! For one reason or another I could not blog, but I badly missed blogging. However I was always around, lurking.

    Maya, that's wonderful news to hear. Hope you'll stay. And about waitress, well I dunno, after a couple of years you would have been saying wish I had studied. Grass is always greener on the other side I guess. Anyway, college is not bad, later when you look back, trust me those will count among some of the best days in your life.

    Magerata, yeah I heard that weather fluctuate badly like that over there. No drastic changes like that here. And nice to hear you played for Japan Aid!
    Regarding jogging, hahaha I know, okay I will start running soon.