Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's with Maalu Paan?

Somebody again searched for maalu paan and ended up here, like before!

But this time from Italy!

Maaaan, what's with maalu paan and these Sri Lankans?




  1. Haha WTF?! It's me first day here.. So I was going through your old blog entries and saw that one about Lankan Fish buns. There was an URL link there and I was just curious to find out wtf this is all about and just clicked lol.. Gotta say I wouldn't mind a Maalu Paan right now though! There's a Sri Lankan bakery near my place. It ain't the best but what the hell.. so perhaps tomorrow morning I might have one of em Maalu Paan haha! :P

  2. WHAT?
    You have a Sri Lankan Bakery nearby?
    You bloody lucky bastard!

    Btw, thanks for dropping by bro! Do keep visiting, appreciate it a lot...

  3. Yeah! You should know there's a hell lof of Lankan bugger here in Naples. Mostly Sinhala but there are a lot Tamil people too. Tamils own the majority of Lankan stores and Sinaha guys have many international phone centres so Tamils can call SL lol Anyway yeah the bakary is about 5 mins walk from ma place. They've got maalu paan, omlet buns, seeni sambal buns, roast paan!, srilankan "chinese rolls", sl cutlets, meat roti.. damn! They've got almost everything.. They even do kebabs, fried rice, buriyani & stuff lol.. the only prob is it's a take away place so no hanging around there with food!

  4. what's maalu pan? If it's something edible I'd like to taste it, cuz why the hell would anyone search for a food on the internet?

  5. Umm... it's a Sri Lankan food mate.
    And goddamn tasty too!
    Well, us Sri Lankans who are abroad crave for our food which cannot be found in other countries, so probably he/she wanted to find a place where they can buy them.
    Yeah, you SHOULD try it out though...

  6. mr fernando sir
    get me some food please :P
    haha milan is full of sinhalese people
    theres this one street jus FULL of lankan shops :P
    and sachsach...im still waitin :P

  7. what's the closest bread in europe to roast paan? badaginiy !

  8. by the way..does anyone know what sawu is called in English? , the white porridge usually consumed with the likes of treacle or sugar

  9. Kasun, sorry don't know about the bread, but I think "sau" must be a local food, hence no English name?

  10. Thanks machan , sau is some ata nei ?..surely it must be available somewhere..or from some sri lankan/indian shop around town, dukai..thanks again

  11. so sau is sago lu, now I just have to figure out how to make it