Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Have I Missed?

It's been more than a damn week that I've been away from the Sri Lankan blogsphere. Gee... been up to a lot of things lately and honestly couldn't find much time even for a post or two.

First, I fucked up my blog.
The irony of it is, it happened because of the very cunning plan I had devised before in order to NOT fuck it up. You see, I have another so called "Test" blog. Being the intelligent lot you are, you must have guessed the purpose of it already. Yes you genius, I used it for testing purposes. Like if I wanted to change the theme, I'd first try it on that blog. So that day, I was trying out a few new themes. If you are a Blogger user, you know that all your blogs are listed one after another on your dashboard. If you aren't, now you know. So, I was trying those new themes on the Test blog as I said above, but absent-mindedly had changed the theme of this one instead. Of course they give warning messages before changing the theme, but really, does anybody out there take those warnings given by a computer seriously? And being the smart-ass I am, I was soooooo sure that I wouldn't ever make such a mistake, had never really bothered to save the theme before. Deservedly, ended up losing everything which was setup so nicely before. Learn from you mistakes they say. Phew. How many mistakes do you have to make before you learn?

Then, before even I had time to correct the things I went to this Snow Festival in a place called Sapporo. So, obviously it was called the Sapporo Snow Festival. You can find some info and photos here, here and here. It was simply AWESOME! There were ice/snow sculptures, some of which were like no less than fifty or sixty feet long and almost the same height. At night, with various colored lights put on, it was a sight to remember! There was also this Carnival sort of thing, where you could slide, roll, fight and pretty much everything else you can do with snow. Well, maybe not everything, but everything you could do in public. It was fun!

And then at night, we were all walking there, enjoying the atmosphere. The place was buzzing with excitement, there were many stalls, gift shops, all kinds of food to try out - simply fun at its max. Then, suddenly I had a crazy idea. OK that's the kinds of ideas I usually get, so nothing unusual there. There were, as I said before, so many gift shops and some of them even offered gift where you could buy them personalized. I wanted to send one to a friend, someone who's been with me all throughout the difficult times in the past, someone who I admire to the every last bit. So I bought the stuff, then postcards as well and looked for a place to write them. Too bad. Almost all the seats under a roof were taken. There were some tables and chairs out in the open, which were covered in pretty much 6-inch thick snow. But I wasn't going to be demoralized by such simple barriers. I managed to clear a part of a table and a chair, sat down and started to write the damn thing in a temperature close to -10 degrees Celsius. The only minor glitch in my plan was that you have to take your hand out of the glove to write, and it takes like only fifteen seconds to make it freeze in that temperature. Somehow I still managed to write it, being the courageous chap I am, though I'm not sure if anybody bar me will be able to read it.

Then came the major glitch.

I put the gifts in the boxes, and the postcards, and then started to write the address. Hey, wait, the address? Yes you smartypants, you need an address to send something unless of course you're God or something. Looking through my wallet, phone and iPod turned out to be useless, and I was left with only one option. Call the someone the gifts are for and ask for the address. Gee... what kind of gift-sending is that? But then again, something is better than nothing, I thought, and did it.

Yes people, I called and asked for the address, and the whole idea of a surprise was wasted. I still wonder why this kind of thing happen to me all the time. Do you guys as well do this kind of things?

Anyway, all in all it was really nice three days spent relaxing out there away from work - if you don't count the pain in the legs caused from walking in 25kg each boots... The down side is now I'm close to 50K Yen and two leaves less. That means, I have only six (yes, 6!) leaves left for the whole year. And still it's only February!

Then, after that to compensate for the two leaves I took I had to work a bit longer everyday. Getting late to work every morning - as usual, I might add - didn't help either. So all in all was pretty much busy the whole week or so... And losing to India, very very pathetically always hurts too. Then Mahela decided to resign from the captaincy as well. Gee... how am I supposed to find time to blog as well?

So, anyway, slowly I managed to put things back in order - my blog that is, not the problems with Sri Lanka Cricket. And started visiting Kottu a bit too. Seems there has been another tagging stuff going around to find the hottest blogger! And none of you girls thought that I'm hot? Hmph! Wait till you see me. Ha!!! But I saw our good old Jerry in many people's hot list. Congrats mate!

Oh and one more thing. I have forgotten the blogs that I had in my blogroll, so if yours was in it too and not there anymore, please do let me know.




  1. "Learning from Mistakes" that's a good thought mate Hope our Cricket Team can take a lesson from that 2

    Cheers ! :)

  2. Ooh I've heard about that snow festival. Must've been awesome!

  3. I was wondering why the whole new look – even though I didn't like it. Thought it was the brand new “2009 Model”..! Glad you are back on this template, the other one was... still under experiment and it showed.

  4. Disease, I very much hope so!

    PR, oh it was indeed! Those are only a few pictures, but there were many stunning stuff!

    Serendib, yeah tried out a few but wasn't satisfied with any so went back to the old one. Still some more work to be done though.

  5. Man, we were near some of the places a month ago! Could not stay for the festival. May be next time! Glad you enjoyed!

  6. Kalu, yeah you should definitely visit it. It's awesome! Maybe we'll meet here someday... It's a small world!