Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Desperate for Maalu Paan!

Somebody in Japan searched for "maalu paan" and ended up here.

Were you looking for a place to buy maalu paan in Japan? Or were you mearly trying to satisfy your desperation by at least looking at a picture? Whatever it is, I so know what you're going through my friend! Just hang in there buddy... :D

Someone else, seeing this post sent me this link which teach you how to make maalu paan. If this someone thought I would make them, wishful thinking that is! Anyhow, I put it here, just in case the guy (or the girl) who searched for maalu paan come here again so he/she can make them the next time.


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  1. Missing Home ? Me too :-) Only when we are abroad do we realize how beautiful Siri Lankawa is......