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Home Sweet Home

Friday, March 25, 2011

Last of the Giants

Watching Ricky Ponting yesterday was something special.

Here was a man who's leading a sorry bunch, the remnants of a once majestic dynasty if you will. It was not the usual fluent and murderous batting by Ponting; it was gritty, it was patient, it was hard work, it was stubborn and it was daring. When the wickets were falling around him he kept fighting, he kept edging his team forward, kept carrying them forward just that little bit, just that little bit needed to keep the Aussies in the game. It wasn't a very aesthetically pleasing knock, but hell it was one damn fine knock by a champion of a cricketer. A champion who rose to the occasion when all the odds were against him. It was typical of the great man to come to the party just when it mattered.

But sadly (yes, don't be surprised, I'm one of the few out there who truly admire the way Aussies play their cricket, or rather the way they used to play their cricket) it wasn't just enough. It was disheartening to see him try everything even in the field fighting a losing battle all the way. He looked a true warrior, a man who would fight to the death. He's the last of a line of Aussie giants, the last one who's left there to fight a losing battle pretty much all by himself. But even the most magnificent of heroes can't just do it alone sometimes, and he had no one to rely on yesterday. He looked a lone man out there; every single one of his team mates had let him down. Maybe it is time for him to go. For such a champion, the last thing I want Ricky to become is another Jayasuriya. He's got nothing more to achieve; 4 world cup finals and 3 titles in the bag, two as captain along with a shitload of other victories and gazillion runs, he's pretty much been there done that all.

Love him or loathe him, you can't deny the fact that the man has earned his rightful place among the true greats of the game. Goodbye Ricky, thanks for all the memories. We will miss you.


  1. Amen to that. Australia will probably produce a new line of giants sooner or later, but till then, the other cricketing nations of the world will breathe easy. ;)

  2. Nice post man. I'm another one who admires Ponting and mighty Aussies even as a Sri Lankan.

    It's really sad to see him going down.

  3. Chavie, I'm not sure if Aussies or any other team for that matter will have players of such class in years to come. It's almost like we're running out of awesome cricketers.

    Kool Tempo
    Thanks man. Yeah it is sad indeed.
    By the way, seeing your username it was nagging me for sometime as it sounded so familiar, and now I think if I'm not mistaken there was a DJ by that name in SL? I still can't quite remember who though.

  4. Yes you are correct. Aussies dominate the world cricket more than a decade. So they had so many giant cricketers in their team. But now I didn't see of any cricketers like that expect Ricky and Lee. Look at West Indies they are similar to Aussies. They were (WI) also dominate world cricket in 1970 to 1990. So I will agree with you we are running out of good cricketers in the future.

    This is my personal thing. Man I don't wont to see this world cup goes to over rated Indians. thanks.

  5. Well Said Bro.. All Good things should come to an End and its sad to see the End of a True Legend..
    Aussie Cricket will be more poorer without him.