Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, October 3, 2011

Three Years

Year 1
WOW it's be an absolutely wonderful year! Blogging is awesome, it's great to get to know you all and blah blah blah.

Year 2
It's been two years! It's a part of my life, and thank you all my readers, etc etc...

Year 3
Three years. Okay. Good.

Year 4?
Who knows.

Oh and thanks for sticking with me, folks!


  1. shah! congrats! :-) I just realised I've done 5 yrs!! It's a part of my life now...:)

  2. Yeah who knows? You might really stick around as well ;)
    Congrats for making it this far! Hope you write regularly again :)

  3. u can keep up the momentum even after four years!congrats machan:-)

  4. Oh well done! Glad you're still here!

  5. LD, thanks! And I remember you were the first person to comment here, back in the days when I was a comment whore (like we all were I guess) so thanks again.

  6. Looney, thank you so much! I will try my best, just that you need to be in the mood. Writing just for the sake of it isn't my thing.

    Oh and what do you mean I might stick around as well? I didn't get it but knowing you chances are it's something, erm... lunatic.

  7. GG, thanks mate! It's been only 3 though.

    Angel, yeah I'm still here. Thanks!

  8. Many congratulations Sach, here's to the next 3!

  9. Happy blogerversary! :D Here's to many more years. :)

  10. RD, thanks mate!

    LD, well, thanks again. :P

    Chav, thanks mate! Yeah I hope I can stay for years to come.