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Home Sweet Home

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Football and Jap Chicks

The other day, Japan played their first world cup game. Not only they played, they scored a goal and won the game as well. Of course you need to score at least one goal to win, but sometimes stating the obvious helps you increase the number of words in a blog post. But I digress, the point is it saddened me immensely. Not that I hate Japs or anything, but if you live in Japan, and if you're a sports fan but not a fan of the Japanese team, then the norm is to wish them fail. If not anything else purely for the peace of your mind. Let me explain; in the last Olympics held in China, the relay team of Japan won a short distance race. Though I said they won, it was only the second or third place, which I don't remember exactly. Apparently it was their first ever track event medal in Olympics and this is what followed; immediately after the race they showed a replay but the camera focused on the Japan team. Then another replay from another angle, still only the Japan team. Then the baton exchanges, again, only the Japan team. Then their finish. Again footage of their runners. Meantime, the team started a victory lap and the camera guy followed them all around the ground for another five minutes. Then personal interviews of each of them. Then they showed another couple of replays of their team for good measure before finally showing just one replay of the race with all the teams in it and only then I could find out who won - a good 30 or 40 minutes after the race. All this while other races were going on and we didn't get to watch any of them. And now the same fears have returned to haunt me; what if they win another game? Will they show that game every time there's another match being played? Will they somehow make it so that footage of the goal they score will appear on every web site you go to? Will they make it compulsory for everyone to have a CD of the game, bought for 10,000 Yen, at all times? These are fair thoughts you know.

Moving on, I was on a train station yesterday evening, as is the case with every day that I go to work. So then all of a sudden this Jap chick appeared in front of me, and no she didn't just appear there like Harry Potter, just that she came into my field of vision. Now there's nothing unusual about a Jap chick in a train station in Japan, you might say. Of course there isn't except for the fact that she had a perfect arse, one that any straight guy or a gay chick wouldn't mind sparing a second look. This in itself is a rarity, a Jap chick with a perfect arse that is, but that's not exactly what caught my attention. On the back pockets of her pants which were pure white, in big red block letters were the words;
It takes a guy a lot of courage, determination and will power not to oblige, but yours truly has them all. Unfortunately.


  1. lol at the 'Feel me' thing... she should've put a '...if you dare!' below that! ;) :D

    Had no idea the Japs were so full of themselves! :D

  2. Haha i hav ones which say GORGEOUS across my arse :P
    Would you be able to resist :P?

  3. Milla, guess not.
    DO NOT ever come to see me wearing that!

  4. Angel, as much as it is a tempting thing, it is also very very health unconscious, if it is the right term.

  5. you definitely chickened out there.. lol! and umm health unconscious? :S why?

  6. Don't worry about football buddy,the Japs will come home soon. Man your courage self determination and what ever else! a PJA is not a thing to miss.
    Anyway go over to Korea for a weekend, they got more PAs than Japan but they will be PKAs then. At least they got real spicy food :)

  7. Crystal Flame, why? Are you real? You think it'd be a good idea to feel a Jap chick's arse in public even if her pants says to do so? I really don't fancy my chances. LOL.

    Magerata, I hope so.
    Heheh btw, I think PJA is a good term. I shall use it henceforth.

  8. ROFL.. You've really got what it takes to be a comedian Sach! =D

    Aww.. poor Japs. But that's exactly why I guess it's good to see them winning once in a while and well.. letting them brag about it a lil.. but sadly they don't seem to know the limit. =D

    Then again.. if it's about bragging, I'm sure no country can ever match Lankan level of bragging. Why when they release a major election result, we celebrate it for years on end! ^__^

    Whoa.. about that gal, what guts to be wearing something so daring. Wonder if she doesn't know what it means. =D

  9. For all I know, I bet she doesn't know what it means.

  10. I agree she probably didn't. Love Tokyo though it's a funny city :)

  11. - ever been the only brown person at an onsen? hilarious -all those polite naked Japanese ladies trying hard not to look :)
    -traffic lights at 3.00 a.m.- nothing around - people still wait for the light to turn green - or the green walking guy to appear- before they cross
    -cabs have white lace covers! and the stench of smoke almost all the time
    -people spend hours under the cherry blossom trees sipping tea and gazing at the flowers every year- imagine Sri Lankans doing that under araliya trees
    -you gotta buy tickets to go see small waterfalls-all cordoned off and protected
    -wear a saree in the subway and suddenly you get all those people who are engrossed in their mangas, hands, mobile phones actually want to see what's underneath it he he he ;)OMG!
    - Come back to SL and try not to bow to the kade mudalali too much lest he think you are from another planet - it happened to me
    I love Japan! can't help it

  12. Hhaha Sashi some good ones!

    I've never been the lone brown man in an onsen, usually I go with a bunch of btownies, so no big deal.

    So true about the traffic lights.

    But I thought Hanami was a cool thing. I mean, seriously there is something about it.

    So true about the waterfalls as well. They should see the likes of Dunhinda. LOL.

    Umm... never wore a Sarong here, so would't know.

    I too love it here, but to be honest the Japs sometimes drive me mad!

  13. True Hanami is kinda cool-makes everything pretty - but staring up at it for hours is well.....they are quirky aren't they the Japs :)

  14. Japs are a bit weird, I'll give you that. ]
    Btw, you still live here or what?

  15. nah left TKY in 2004- wish I were though....it's a fun city to live in.