Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love FB Groups. NOT!

Facebook is like a super hot chick whom you're madly in love with despite having a bucketload of stupid qualities about her. You see, I like FB. Might even say I love it. It's cool, it's fun, helps you keep occupied, great to be in touch with your friends and spy on your enemies if need be. But it's also a bit fucked up. OK a bit more than a bit. Still I continue to use it, just like the said hot chick that you don't wanna give up, even with every shit thing about her, because you're madly in love with her.

Like I said the other day, it's fucked up with many people thinking it's a good idea to do election campaign on FB. OK fine, it's their right plus there's always the hide button. So I'm cool with that. But then there are groups. Now, again, if people want to be in whatever the ridiculous group they want, I'm fine with that. But why do they feel that they are obliged to send me invitations to every stupid group they decide to join, or create for that matter? No people, if I want to join a group, I will decide for myself and join. I don't need suggestions, thank you very much.

And then the groups that are out there! I kid you not, there are groups for zombies and werewolves not to mention dragons. Oh and the number of Support MR and Support SF groups. You'd think this time it's going to be an online poll. Even funnily, I've seen the same person in both groups. However, at least those people haven't created those groups for themselves, but then again there are some, who create groups for themselves and wants me to join it too. Humble, alright. Let's Set A Guinness Record is another one, the record being the group itself with x number of people. Yeah, what a great record it would be. My ass. Then My boyfriend is the best ever! Lame. Try hooking up with me honey. Oh and there's Let's get one million people who're against cancer. Are there any idiots who adore cancer? And let's say you get that one million. Then what? Weirdos too have groups; I Want To Have Sex On A Grand Piano. Jeez. Ironical of them all is I hate new Facebook group. Why the fuck are you still there then?

Maybe I should create a group too; I Hate Facebook Groups!



  1. Ur not alone.
    I was actually thinking of ranting on this particular nerve crackling "event" these days on FB buh THANK U very much uve done the part. So hail to you.

    "My boyfriend is the best ever! Lame." ECHO!

    Its even got a fan page, "I open the fridge, stare and walk out"


  2. Yeah men, it's so annoying these groups sometimes. Well they are OK, but I can't stand all the invitations.

  3. Yeah agree with you Sach! The one group I really really loved though was 'Sinhala Slang Phrasebook'... that group had me in stitches laughing at the stuff they had on their description! :D

  4. I agree with Gura that a lot of FB groups are annoying and pointless, but you gotta love this

    "If FaceB0ok wAs a sUbject .. mY parENts wuddA beEn s0 proUd..........:)"

  5. Nee, So would have been mine, honestly.